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Mike Grell’s legendary “Green Arrow‘s” boxing glove arrows reloaded!

About Green Arrow comics
Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, a billionaire and vigilante superhero who fights crimes with the use of archery, technology, and martial arts. Green Arrow is the former mayor of Star City where he is depicted as a playboy, an industrialist and an outspoken liberal politician. He is also one of the founding members of the Justice League and among the finest if not the best archer in DC universe. Queen is said to idolize Robin Hood and the legendary Howard Hill and is a natural archer. He invents various trick arrows with special functions. Green Arrow is a DC comic book series superhero created by Mort Weisinger. This old fantasy comics character debuted in More Fun Comics # 73 on November 1941.

The super hero Green Arrow alias Emerald Archer alias Oliver Queen, a…

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