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Archery today?

Archery today

Basil Rathbone with Howard Hill longbow.

Basil Rathbone with Howard Hill longbow.

Many “traditional archers”, “instinctive archers” or “free style archers” here around are very proud to be simpleminded, heavyweight, stinky, primitive and uneducated… . They equal this attitudes with freedom. I don’t understand why this rude habits are favorable or suitable for any person or archer. In the past archery was a sport of gentlemen…. .


Archery – Crafts and Arts

Archery Crafts and Arts

Posted on Dezember 26, 2013

Klicke, um den Originalbeitrag zu besuchen“Here around, in Germany and Austria they talk about “the art of bowyery”, the “art of arrow making” and “the art of stringmaking”. So, as long this were professions in the past, “bowyer”, “fletcher”, “stringer”, “arrowsmith”, and so on, I’d say this are crafts, skills, abilities, capabilities, prowess, faculties, competencies, features, qualities, proficiencies – but in no case theese are arts in any  meaning of the term.”  Peter O. Stecher